Crest Middle School Shout Outs – Part II

  How far does the ocean really go down?

The deepest point in the ocean is in the Marianas Trench where depths reach 7 miles (36,000 ft) below the surface. We are working in canyons that extend over 2000m (over 1.2 miles, or 6500ft) depth.

How far off the coast are you going?

We are currently 150 miles offshore, southeast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

What is the temperature at the bottom of the ocean?

Close to freezing, around 4° C (39° F).

 How deep can coral reefs grow?

Corals can grow at least in 2,000 meters depth. That’s more than a mile below the surface.

 Will sharks hurt coral reefs?

No. The sharks we have observed around the coral habitat are usually just swimming by.

How big is the ship?

The FSV Henry Bigelow is 209 ft. long, 49.2 ft wide.

Is it going to be cold?

I thought it would be fairly warm, since it is summer time after all. But I was wrong. Yes, it is cold! Good thing I brought a sweatshirt! It is cooler on deck, and there is usually a good bit of wind coming off the ocean. It is also fairly cool in the labs, where the air conditioning is running constantly to lower the humidity. Also, when the watertight doors are open during TowCam deployment, a lot of cold air can come inside.


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